Friday, July 25, 2008

sub editors everywhere, fear this man!

The Guardian today carry a letter that the Times's restaurant
critic, Giles Coren, wrote to his sub-editors, after they made what he felt to be an
egregious error while editing his copy. It turns out this isn't the first time he's submitted an angry email or two. One of the earlier offerings he dished up contains one of the
best put-downs I've ever come across

never ever ask me to write something for you. and don't pay me. i'd rather take £400 quid for assassinating a crack whore's only child in a revenge killing for a busted drug deal - my integrity would be less compromised.

Now that's anger


patzer said...

Welcome back! hurray! and "their" not "there" :) hope you're well


randombassist said...

Actually, the! Yeah things are grand with me, took a very easy weekend. I'll give you a ring in the next few days.