Saturday, August 16, 2008

Obama the celebrity, McCain the thief?

As a photographer, I have an interest in copyright. Because I post images on the web, there's always a chance of somebody taking them without permission. It's happened a couple of times, and when I find out about it, I tend to be more than a little annoyed. (UCD found this out to their detriment when they used several of my images in their prospectus). Today I saw an interesting article over at Wired, which discusses the Ohio Republican party's unauthorised use of Jackson Browne's Running On Empty in a campaign ad. It seems that if the judge finds in his favour, there could be a large payout in the offing. For someone who is running with Law & Order and free market principles as his major policy planks, stealing somebody else's work to promote your own image when they have endorsed your opponent probably isn't the smartest move.

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