Thursday, June 01, 2006

Pain = gain

Sunset dissapearing into the haze
What it's all about... 15 second exposure, iso 100, f12, tripod mounted.

So today I walked for 3 miles in the stifling heat, not entirely sure where I was going in order to try and get a good shot of sunset over the Potamac. With me I was lugging my camera, tripod, case, and two heavy lenses. Unfortunately the haze hanging around the edge of the sky decided to gobble up the sun before it got to the lowest point in the sky. So that was a bit annoying... However not one to be overly dettered, I had a back up plan ready and headed over to the Tidal Basin which is bordered by the Roosevelt monument and overlooked by the monument. About 40 minutes after sunset, the colours in the sky were just perfect. The aforementioned haze reflected the city lights to give a red glow, and the sky was a deep blue. Good things come to those who wait...


Heurtebise said...

Your pics are all so cool, I love the one of the monument at sunset. Keep having a great time! Mags

randombassist said...

Thanks! Washington was amazing. Heading over to Yosemite tomorrow, can't wait.