Friday, June 16, 2006

A tougher edit

I left over some of the Yosemite photos to process at home, this is one of the ones that I wasn't sure about at the time, but having processed it now, am quite fond of. A lot of the difficulty in taking good photographs is the limitations imposed on you by the dynamic range of the camera: you don't want to blow highlights out, but you also want to retain the detail in the shadows. It's for that reason that a lot of landscape photography is taken either early in the morning, or late in the evening. Beacuse it's not as bright you're more likely to get all the detail that you want in a photograph. It also gives you a certain glow, as the sun casts different colours and longer shadows as it goes through the lower portion of the atmosphere.


LindieNaughton said...

Hi Stephen -
Noticed that people had put comments on my blog, so have navigated my way to yours. GREAT images! How did you do thsoe Ansel Adams ones??
Will send you the chapter I'd like you to think about via email..

randombassist said...

The Ansel Adams ones were taken during the early afternoon so there was quite a lot of contrast in the landscape; not the best for colour pictures, but it can be quite effective in B&W. I desaturated them in photoshop and turned up the contrast a bit more to get them to look the way I wanted. There's also a B&W paramater in the camera under the image settings thing (along with colour saturation/ contrast/ sharpnes etc) if you wanted to give it a try!

That's great about the chapter, send it along and I'll see if I can do anything for you. Hopefully I'll be able to give you an idea what it would look like done through pictures anyway. On an aside about the comments, you can set it to email you when someone posts one, its in the menues somewhere!

Hope things are going well over there,